Columbus, OH


Client: City of Columbus, OH

The Situation:

A residential stormwater control system that ran to Alum Creek Watershed needed repairs due to compromised joints between some of the box culverts.  Misalignment of these box culverts required a repair product that could work with wet concrete and underwater.  Photos show water gushing into the system, creating standing water around the area that required repairs.

The Solution:

With the system being 30 feet underground, excavation of the site to fix the leak was not an economic or practical option.  Therefore, CS-2100 was brought in to repair the leaking joints.  CS-2100 was applied underwater to fill in the joint and stop the leak.  Upon repair, CS-2100 helped bring the stormwater control system to its desired watertight state.


Sealant Application:
Box Culverts

ConSeal Products Used: