3-Sided Precast Concrete Bridge


United States, Harlem, Ohio


Hydro Conduit

The Situation:

In a rural region in central Ohio, the deterioration of a steel bridge span led to the need of a three-sided, precast concrete bridge for a vital country road. The importance of the job required fast construction of a bridge, therefore, a sealant that could be trusted for its watertight qualities had to be used.

The Solution:

To seal the joints of the three-sided, precast concrete bridge CS-102 was used. To wrap the joints CS-75 primer and ConWrap CS-213 were used. The simple solution allowed for a quick construction of the bridge and traffic to continue along the road for the rural community.

Sealant Application:

  • Three-Sided, Concrete Bridge

ConSeal Products Used:

Applicable Industry Standards:

  • ASTM C-990