Precast Concrete Wastewater Treatment and Collection System


United States, New Minden, Illinois


Kohnen Concrete Products

The Situation:

For a pilot wastewater project for the state of Illinois, Kohnen Concrete had to prove that a system of residential septic tanks could be used in a cluster system. All of 100 septic tanks required hydrostatic and negative pressure before, and after installation. Kohnen Concrete had to rely on a products manufactured by Concrete Sealants to ensure watertight, and airtight integrity to seal the joints between the precast castings. This set the stage for precast concrete wastewater collection and treatment systems in Illinois.

The Solution:

Kohnen Concrete relied on ConSeal products to make their structures watertight. CS-101 was used to seal the joint between the castings. For the Interior Seals, CS-1000 was used, and for the external wrap of the structure, CS-50 primer and ConWrap CS-212 were used. In addition, applying CS-55 water-based coating on the external surface enhanced water resistance of the concrete. The project experienced 100% success as Kohnen Concrete and Concrete Sealants established precast concrete wastewater collection and treatment systems in Illinois.

Sealant Application:

  • Commercial On-Site Treatment System

ConSeal Products Used:

Applicable Industry Standards:

  • ASTM C-990
  • ASTM 877 Type III