Innovating sealants across concrete applications

For any size and shape of concrete,
don’t just seal it,


Customer service. Quality products. Technical expertise. Product innovation.

These attributes form the foundation for Concrete Sealants. It all began in 1970, selling butyl rubber sealants to the precast concrete industry and earning us the reputation as the watertight concrete experts.

But we didn’t stop there. Through ongoing research, development and manufacturing innovation, ConSeal continually expands product applications beyond underground structures. In fact, today we’re known across the construction industry worldwide as the watertight infrastructure experts.

Developing products
that lead to long-lasting,
watertight concrete

Working on-site with specifiers and engineers, ConSeal takes concrete infrastructure deeper and higher while improving sealing properties under any conditions. This field experience keeps us close to our customers and at the forefront of new industry developments. By listening to the customer, ConSeal continues to expand beyond manufacturing extruded sealants to now manufacturing coatings, hybrid elastomeric sealants, concrete sealers and specialty admixtures. 

How can conseal help you today?

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