Stormwater Drainage System – Israel, Ben Gurion Airport


Tel Aviv, Israel


Ackerstein Industries

The Situation:

Ben Gurion International Airport, the busiest international airport in Israel, required a stormwater drainage system for the new runway expansion in September of 2000. This stormwater drainage system was needed to catch harmful run-off from the runway, such as jet fuel and deicers mixed with the stormwater. Therefore the project required a watertight system that could contain contaminated stormwater.

The Solution:

When maintaining a stormwater system that contains harmful contaminants, special sealing products are required. In this case, CS-440 and CS-231 were used to maintain a watertight system. CS-440 provides a sealant that is resistant to harmful aviation chemicals, and CS-231 is a hydrophilic waterstop with self-healing properties to maintain the watertight requirement.

Sealant Application:

  • Stormwater Drainage Pipe

ConSeal Products Used:

Applicable Industry Standards:

  • ASTM C-990