CS-231 Controlled Expansion Waterstop Sealant

For concrete joints in: Manholes, Box Culverts, Double Pours, Containment Structures, Concrete Slabs, Bridge & Deck Abutments, Large Septic Tanks, Wall or Floor Penetrations, Tunnels, Cold Joints, Retaining Walls, Controlled Environment & Utility Vaults, Water & Wastewater Treatment Facilities. Not intended for use in expansion joints or joints that move. 

NSF Standard 61 Certified, Safe for Drinking Water Applications 


ConSeal CS-231 Waterstop is a rubber-based product that has been formulated with hydrophilic compounds that allow it to expand in a controlled fashion when exposed to moisture, thereby sealing off leaks and restoring long-term, watertight joint integrity. Traditional, clay-based waterstop products, on the other hand, expand uncontrollably and eventually deteriorate, causing a complete loss of joint integrity. 


The test evaluates the integrity of CS-231 Waterstop when exposed to cycles of hydration and dehydration. A cycle consists of nine days full immersion in water followed by five days air-drying. ConSeal CS-231 showed no visible signs of deterioration at the conclusion of 10 cycles of exposure. 


Description Spec CS-231
Color: Black
Specific Gravity: ASTM D71 1.40 ± 5
Hydrocarbon Content: ASTM D4 47% min.
Volatile Matter: ASTM D6 1% max.
Penetration, cone 77°F, 150 gm. 5 sec.: ASTM D217 43 – 46 dmm
Application Temperature Range: -10°F to 125°F (-22°C to 52°C)
Service Temperature Range: -30°F to 180°F (-34°C to 82°C)


Description CS-231
Maximum Swelling – Freshwater: 145%
Maximum Swelling – Saltwater (3%): 12%
Hydrostatic Pressure Resistance

Standard Precast Concrete Joint:


30 psi (2 bars)

Cast-In-Place Construction Joint: 100 psi (6.8 bars)


Freshwater Exposure Results:                 

24 Hours:    15% Expansion                            

72 Hours:    40% Expansion                            

7 Days:        55% Expansion                            

14 Days:     70% Expansion                            

21 Days:     80% Expansion

30 Days:     85% Expansion