CS-90 Fuel Resistant Epoxy
Installation Instructions

Preparation & ApPlication


CS-90 must be applied to clean, structurally sound, dry concrete free from surface contamination that may inhibit bonding to the concrete, i.e., laitance, dust, form release oils, previous coatings.


  • Cure concrete until 80% strength level is attained (typically 14-28 days).
  • Remove laitance and roughen unusually slick concrete areas by acid etching, sandsweeping, or shot-blasting.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry.
  • Remove loose aggregate.
  • Dry overnight prior to coating.
  • Fill voids and cracks in areas of need with a suitable epoxy filler.


COLOR:Part A: White; Part B: Dark Blue
MIX RATIO A:B:2:1 (by weight)
VISCOSITY:Part A: 4000-7000 cps; Part B: 8000-11000 cps; Mixed: 250-600 cps
MIX INSTRUCTIONS:Mix Part A and Part B individually and then add contents of Part B to Part A. Mix well. Mix until a uniform light blue color is homogenously seen throughout the container.
WORKING LIFE:3-4 hours
Note that this product does not show an increase in viscosity at or near the end of its pot life. Product gloss will diminish greatly as the pot life is approached or passed. Total cure of coating is attained over a 7–10 day period.
CURE TIME:30-90 minutes
Note that once the applied coating has transformed from an opaque blue liquid to a tacky, blue transparent film a subsequent coating application can commence.
RECOMMENDED FILM THICKNESS:2.0 – 5.0 mils dry (5 – 11 mils wet)
COVERAGE RATE:320 ft 2/gal yields 2 mil dry coverage
213 ft 2/gal yields 3 mil dry coverage


Clean equipment and spills while the product is wet for best results. Cleans up with warm, soapy water.

Disclaimer: This publication is to assist users to understand the proper use of ConSeal’s products. Contact ConSeal’s technical staff for installation instructions that meet your specific requirement. Concrete Sealants, Inc. does not warranty any improper use of its products.


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