Conwrap (Exterior Joint Wrap)

Installation Instructions


The following procedures should be followed for optimum ConWrap performance.

  • Clean the surface with a brush and remove any dirt, debris, flashing, or concrete high points, which could keep ConWrap CS-212 from adhering to the concrete
    • If necessary, a joint primer (i.e. CS-50 or CS-75) can be applied to improve adhesion. CS-50 is a solvent-based primer that can be applied days or weeks in advance. CS-75 is a water-based primer that dries tacky and must be applied at the time of the installation
    • When using a primer, allow the primer to dry before placing sealant. The primer will normally be dry to the touch (CS-50) or tacky (CS-75) within 15-20 minutes. (Note: Primer can be applied at the job site or at the plant several days in advance of the set.)
  • To apply ConWrap to a horizontal joint, begin by removing the release paper from the adhesive side and apply the ConWrap to the concrete. Continue around the joint by removing the release paper as the roll of ConWrap is unrolled. Press the wrap firmly by hand against the entire surface as it is applied to assure full contact
  • Where joining two sections, or where two ends meet together, provide an overlap of approximately 2” and firmly press the overlapping strip onto the end of the underlying strip to seal the joint

Disclaimer: This publication is to assist users to understand the proper use of ConSeal’s products. Contact ConSeal’s technical staff for installation instructions that meet your specific requirement. Concrete Sealants, Inc. does not warranty any improper use of its products.


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