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CS-90 Fuel Resistant Epoxy Coating

Installation aid for bonding preformed sealants in wet conditions or frozen concrete structures.


CS-90 Fuel Resistant Epoxy System is a two-part epoxy paint system, which produces a hard polymer film that protects concrete from penetration when exposed to hydrocarbons and some chemicals.


COLOR: Blue Tint (opaque when wet, transparent when dry)
% SOLIDS: 40%
SOLVENT TYPE: Water Based with a co-solvent
FLASH POINT: Part A: >212°F(100°C); Part B: >212°F(100°C)
WEIGHT / GALLON: 8.8 lbs
APPLICATION TEMP. RANGE: 50°F to 110°F (7°C to 48°C) ambient and/or Surface Temperature
MOISTURE / HUMIDITY: Avoid humidity of greater than 80% RH. The concrete temperature must be a minimum of 5°F greater than the dew point temperature. The surface of the concrete must be dry.
POT LIFE: 4-hour usable work life after mixed @ 72°F (22°C). Product should remain glossy when applied. If gloss diminishes, product application should be discontinued.
CURE TIME: Tack free: 60-75 minutes @ 72°F (22°C). In Service: 48 hours minimum
COVERAGE PER GALLON: Approx. 300 sq ft on wet cast concrete
MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: Mix Part A and Part B individually and then add contents of Part B to Part A. Mix well until a uniform light blue color is homogenously seen throughout the container. For applications requiring less than one gallon, consult Concrete Sealants technical staff for appropriate instructions.
COATS: 2-3 coats minimum preferred. Each coat will be approximately 2 mil dry film thickness @ 300 ft2 per gallon.