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CS-235 Rapid Expansion Waterstop Sealant

For concrete joints in: Building Foundations, Slabs, Retaining Walls, Storage Tanks, and similar Non-Moving, Cold, Construction Joints. Not intended for use in expansion joints or joints that move.


  • Always use an appropriate ConSeal primer product to avoid displacement of CS-235 during the concrete pouring. It may be necessary to utilize masonry nails or other mechanical means to hold the sealant in place on vertical surfaces
  • Place CS-235 waterstop so that it is no closer than 2” away from the outer surface of poured structure. If a keyway is utilized, place the CS-235 into the bottom of the formed keyway area

ConSeal CS-235 waterstop is a unique sealing compound designed to expand rapidly when exposed to moisture, making it a self-healing joint material for construction joint applications.

NSF Standard 61 Certified, Safe for Drinking Water Applications


Freshwater Exposure Results:

24 HOURS: 50% Expansion
72 HOURS: 95% Expansion
7 DAYS: 140% Expansion
14 DAYS: 200% Expansion
21 DAYS: 240% Expansion