CS-1500SL Self-Leveling, Elastomeric Sealant

CS-1500SL is designed for use on original construction and repairs for horizontal expansion joints in concrete and cementitious slabs that are subject to structural movement, including: driveways, garages, sidewalks and factories.


  • Finish: Light Gray, Mildew Resistant, Elastomeric Rubber
  • Solvent & Isocyanate Free, 100% Solids, Will Not Shrink
  • High solids, tack-free surface in minutes
  • California Proposition 65 Compliant
  • Meets ASTM C920, Type S ,Grade P, Class 50, Uses T1, M, A, G, O
  • Tack free skin forms in 1 hour (77°F at 50% Relative Humidity)
  • Full cure takes place in 24-48 hours for 1⁄4” beads and smaller
  • Excellent weather-ability when exposed to UV radiation, rain, infrared radiation and atmospheric hydrocarbons
  • CS-1500SL can be painted with emulsion or synthetic enamel paints
  • Flexible resilient rubber that adheres to most construction materials including: concrete, metal, fiberglass, glass, aluminum and many plastics, including PVC
  • Moisture-cure, hybrid polymer


CS-1500SL Value
Cure System Hybrid, Moisture Cure
VOC Content 26.1 grams/liter
Cure Rate (77°F at 50% Relative Humidity) 1/8” every 24 hours


CS-1500SL Value
Test Method
Movement Capability ±50% ASTM C719
Tensile Strength 143 psi ASTM D412
Shear Strength 194 psi ASTM D1002
Elongation 176% ASTM D412
Adhesion to Concrete 28 pli, cohesive failure ASTM D794
Shore A, Hardness 24 ASTM D661
UV Stability,Accelerated Weathering UV-A, No Change (2,000 hours) QUV Weatherometer
Shrinkage No measurable shrinkage after 14 days
Service Temperature -40°F to 220°F (-40°C to 104°C), continuous service
Application Ambient Temperature 40°F to 130°F (4°C to 55°C)
Application Surface Temperature 40°F to 130°F (4°C to 55°C)

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Surface Preparation: The concrete must be clean and free from dust, dirt, grease and debris before application of CS-1500SL.
Inspect surface for soundness. When surface is clean, sound and dry proceed with using the CS-1500SL.
Note: Make sure the surface is free from frost prior to application.

DO NOT USE petroleum solvents such as Mineral Spirits or Xylene for surface preparation.

Priming: For applications with continuous water immersion ConSeal recommends using a surface primer. ConSeal CS-80 and CS-85 are specifically designed for ConSeal’s elastomeric sealants.
Application Instructions: Maintain CS-1500SL at room temperature before applying to ensure easy application. CS-1500SL may be factory or field applied to seal various construction components. Work CS-1500SL into rough surfaces to optimize surface contact. CS-1500SL is not to be installed in ratios where joint depth is greater than half of the width. CS-1500SL is not designed to bridge gaps larger than 1” or penetrate into joint depth further than 1⁄2”. The use of a backer rod may be necessary in some applications. If using to fill cracks, avoid air entrapment by filling void with continuous bead of CS-1500SL.
Packaging and Storage: Available in 10.1-fl. oz. cartridges (298 mL), 20.2-fl. oz. sausages (600mL), 28.5-fl. oz. cartridges (842mL) and 5-gallon pails. 12-month shelf life from manufacture date when stored in a cool, dry area. Elevated temperatures >100° F may reduce shelf life.
Coverage and Full Cure Rates: 10.1-ounce cartridges: 1⁄2” diameter bead covers 7.5 linear feet. Full cure for 1⁄4” bead is 48 hours (77°F at 50% Relative Humidity).