CS-1200 Waterborne Waterproof Coating

CS-1200 is an eco-friendly, waterborne waterproof coating for concrete structures. CS-1200 is a safer alternative to coal-tar epoxy coatings.


CS-1200 is available in Red, Gray, and Black. Custom colors are available upon request.


● Fast-drying, concrete waterproofing coating
● High solids, tack-free surface in minutes
● Freeze-thaw stable
● Mildew resistant, bacterial stable
● Polymer film protects against water intrusion
● Indoor/outdoor application
● Brush, roller, or spray applied
● Flexible film with excellent impact resistance
● Flexible film at low temperatures
● Custom colors available upon request
● Passes Severe Wastewater Analysis Testing (SWAT) – ASTM G210-13 (23)


Color: Multiple Colors
VOC Content: 21 grams/Liter
Viscosity: 15,000 – 21,000 Centipoise (Brookfield Helipath)
% Solids: 71.00 – 73.00
Coverage: 100 – 150 square feet per gallon 
Thickness: 8 – 12 mils dry film thickness
Shelf Life: One year minimum (Unopened Can)
Polymer: Acrylic
Clean-up: Warm soapy water while wet
ASTM G14 Impact Test: Pass at 40°F


Surface Preparation: The concrete must be clean and free from dust, dirt, grease, laitance, and debris before application of CS-1200. Inspect surface for soundness. Repair or remove any surface irregularities and loose concrete, using an approved crack filling method on static hairline cracks. When the surface is clean, sound and dry, proceed with coating application.
Note: When using CS-1200 for the first time it is advisable to coat a small test patch on a representative section of concrete and verify adhesion before proceeding to large scale coating projects.

Mixing: Stir thoroughly prior to use. DO NOT THIN OR DILUTE CS-1200.
Priming: For applications with continuous water immersion ConSeal recommends using a surface primer. ConSeal CS-80 and ConSeal CS-85 are specifically designed for ConSeal’s elastomeric sealants.
Application: Apply CS-1200 to concrete structures between 40°-120° F. Do not apply CS-1200 to frozen concrete. Apply CS-1200 using a roller, brush or spray gun. If applying with airless spray gun, a spray tip of 0.015”-0.021” is recommended. In order to avoid “cracking” do not allow product to pool and do not apply the coats too thick during application. When applying multiple coats of CS-1200, apply at right angles to maximize film integrity. When spraying, hold spray gun 12”-24” away from the surface; spray an even, light coat over the entire surface. When the surface becomes dry to the touch, subsequent coats may be applied.