ConWrap AMS Exterior Wrap System for Metal & Concrete

ConWrap AMS is a cold applied, self-healing, antimicrobial, exterior wrap system used to prevent corrosion of metal and concrete. The high-tack adhesive, peel and stick, self-healing, viscoelastic compound completely encapsulates structures, such as pipelines. A second layer, outer polyethylene tape wrap improves impact resistance and supports the self-healing characteristics of the viscoelastic wrap. ConWrap AMS provides long-term corrosion protection to exposed and buried infrastructure such as: pipelines, flanges, and valves. For high temperature applications use ConWrap AMS100.




  • Meets NACE 0109 and ISO 21809-3
  • Self-Healing from small cuts, dents or punctures
  • Viscoelastic modulus flows into pores and surface anomalies
  • Aggressively bonds to metal and concrete structures
  • Resistant to cathodic disbanding
  • UV resistant
  • Provides a permanent flexible water and silt barrier
  • Will not shrink, harden or oxidize upon aging
  • Antimicrobial properties are built in to inhibit the growth of bacteria that may affect this product
  • Available in several standard sizes:
    • Standard thicknesses: 80 mils ± 8 mils (2mm ± 0.2mm)
    • Standard widths:
      • 4” (10cm) x 33′ (10M) – 6 rolls/carton
      • 6” (15cm) x 33′ (10M) – 4 rolls/carton
      • 8” (20cm) x 33′ (10M) – 4 rolls/carton
      • 12” (30cm) x 33′ (10M) – 2 rolls/carton
  • Custom widths and lengths available upon request.


Description Spec ConWrap AMS
Color   Gray
Thickness, in.   80 mils ± 8 mils
(2mm ± 0.2mm)
Service Temperature   -45ºF to 158ºF
-45ºC to 70ºC
Specific Gravity ASTM D71 1.25 – 1.40
Peel Strength ISO 21809-3 (2016) Annex H 23°C 0.338 N/mm
70°C 0.219 N/mm
Peel Strength (Thermal Aging) ISO 21809-3 (2016) Annex H
100 days @ 90°C
23°C 0.317 N/mm
70°C 0.048 N/mm
Impact Strength ISO 21809-3 (2016) Annex D No Holiday Detected
Indentation Resistance ISO 21809-3 (2016) Annex E 23ºC Pass (>0.6mm)
70ºC Pass (>0.6mm)
Cathodic Disbondment ISO 21809-3 (2016) Annex G 0mm, Self-Healing
Specific Electrical Insulation Resistance ISO 21809-3 (2016) Annex F 1.66 x 109 Ohms·m2