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ConSeal's dedication to the development of new products to serve the specialized needs of our customers and our industry is unwavering. That's why we're often considered to be the recognized industry leader in technical expertise and why many of the World's most demanding corporations look to us for their "must-have" solutions to all types of technical problems. Through the years, we've created hundreds of custom sizes, shapes and formulations of our products, based on the specific needs of our customers. In many cases, these custom products have been created for a single use and never produced again in the same form.


  • Custom die-cutting of sealants, as well as adhesive pads with custom laminated materials in multiple thicknesses
  • Various widths of sheet extrusions with a variety of laminated materials
    • Polyolefin in 4 mil and 16 mil thicknesses
    • Rubber and asphalt-based compounds
    • Geotextile fabric, capable of withstanding the high temperatures of asphalt paving
    • EPDM rubber and aluminum
  • Experienced in securing NSF, UL and GSA registrations
  • Technical staff offering extensive experience in the areas of:
    • Butyl rubber compounds
    • Rubber and asphalt-based compounds
    • Thermoplastic rubber compounds
    • Water-based polymer mastics
    • Rubber/asphalt-based, hot-applied sealants
    • Water-based polymer coatings
  • Wide range of standard and custom cross-sections available, including: round, square, rectangular, trapezoid, half-moons and sheets
  • Offering a wide variety of lengths from 1" to 100'


ConSeal is at your service with a highly knowledgeable sales & customer service support staff that has the experience to help you solve your sealant problems. With over a century of collective industry experience, ConSeal's Sales & Customer Support Staff - both in-house and outside manufacturer representatives - is well-equipped to help you meet your most demanding sealant challenges.