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Sustainable Products

As our founder taught us, serving the customer should be at the focal point of daily goals.   Some of our best product ideas have come from being in the trenches of a jobsite with our customers.  By hands-on actions in serving customers we not only support their current needs, but also listen to how we can better our current products or introduce new products.  This helps our customers make their products and services more versatile, with enhanced performance, and easier and safer to use and install. As a result of listening to The Customer, the following is a list of products introduced by ConSeal that were the first their kind to enter into the precast concrete industry:

Recycled Content, % by weight
Product Post Consumer Post Industrial
CS-55 -- 17%
CS-101 8.96% 6.41%
CS-102 8.41% 10.85%
CS-102B 8.41% 10.85%
CS-130 6.99% 7.26%
CS-202 8.56% 15.57%
CS-212 -- 11.94%
CS-213 -- 11.94%
CS-231 2.12% 4.02%
CS-235 2.12% 4.02%
CS-250 -- 14.14%
CS-367 3.19% 4.23%
CS-665 5.19% 9.88%