• Benonite-free Waterstop
  • Solvent-free Waterproofing Membrane
  • Tested and Proven Antimicrobial Concrete Admixture
  • Penetrating Surface Densifier and Hardener
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Features on our New website
Everything you've been asking for, and more! 

The customer service staff has listened to your requests, and included them in the update of our website.

Features we've kept per your request:

  • Certificates of Conformance: Found both on respective product pages as well as under the Technical Resources Tab. The dates now update automatically!
  • Project Profiles: Formerly "Case Studies".
  • Bold and Highly Visible Phone Number: Let us help, give us a call at 800-332-7325!

Features we've added:

  • The Tiles: The Homepage Tiles allow you to quickly go to the featured pages on our website.
  • Installation Instructions: Per your request, these can be found on correlating product pages, under the Technical Resources Tab, and via the "Contractors" direct link on the Homepage.
  • Application Specifications: Found under the Technical Resources Tab, these will help you understand where to use our products to make your project a watertight project.
  • Product Calculators: Find these on correlating product pages - where available - and under the Technical Resources Tab. (Currently available for: CS-1000, CS-1500, CS-1800)
  • Applications Tab: Broken down into three sections - Precast, Poured-in-Place, and Industrial - this section features guidelines for what ConSeal products we recommend for your specific application as well as Application Specifications for selected products.
  • What's NEW Tab (You Are Here): This tab will keep you updated on ConSeal's newest Products, Project Profiles, White Papers and more.  Don't miss out, check back often!