• Benonite-free Waterstop
  • Solvent-free Waterproofing Membrane
  • Tested and Proven Antimicrobial Concrete Admixture
  • Penetrating Surface Densifier and Hardener
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CSR-1300 Water Activated Polyurethane Gel

For sealing active leaks in above grade and below grade concrete structures such as: Water Treatment Tanks, Dams, Concrete Walls, Tunnels, Manholes, and Elevator Service Pits. Seals: Hairline Cracks, Wide Cracks, Pipe Joints, and Pipe Penetrations. Does not fix structural damage. Not intended for use in expansion joints.

Features & Packaging


•  Single Component
•  Penetrates tight cracks and stabilizes loose soil
•  Freeze/Thaw limitations
•  Flexible gel with a strong bond to wet concrete
•  Application Temperature Range: 38°F to 130°F (3°C to 54°C)
•  Service Temperature Range: 32°F to +200°F (0°C to +93°C)
•  Meets ANSI / NSF Standard 61 for Drinking Water

Packaging & Storage

Available in 10-ounce single component cartridges.
Storage: Store in dry environment between 40°F and 80°F. 
      Elevated temperatures will reduce shelf life.
Shelf Life: 18 months from date of manufacture for unopened, properly stored product. 

Physical Properties

Uncured Properties                        Spec                              CSR-1300        
Viscosity                                                                               440-550 cps
Mix Viscosity (@ 8:1; Water:CSR-1300)                                   20 cps
Solids Content                                                                       82%

Cured Properties

Tensile Elongation                            ASTM D1564                    100-150%
Shrinkage                                       ASTM D1042/D756           None
Mix Ratio Properties
3-1:1 = Foam
8-4:1 = Stong Gel
11-9:1 = Weak Gel
*Cured properties vary depending on application conditions

Reaction Times
Set Time                 60-90 seconds

Product Guidelines

Material Preparation:  Store material overnight to precondition to 70°F-80°F prior to use.

Reaction Procedures & Ratio:  Uses available water to initiate reaction. CSR-1300 reacts with 1 or 2 parts water.

Application Instructions:  See Installation Guidelines. Contact ConSeal for your application specific instructions.

Personal Protection:  Safety Glasses, gloves, avoid skin contact, do not ingest, for professional use only, see SDS. For use in well ventilated areas only to keep vapor concentrations low. Use mechanical ventilation if necessary. Use a self-contained breathing apparatus in confined space environments.

Cleanup:  Flush equipment with solvent based material. Clean off skin with soap and water. Mechanically remove cured material. Clean up unwanted, excess liquid product by reacting product with a small amount of water to cure and then dispose. Cured material is environmentally safe and can be disposed of in an approved landfill. 

Limitations:  Cold temperatures will slow down reaction time and increase viscosity of liquid product. No ice can be present in areas to be serviced. Wait for warmer weather or flush out ice with warm water prior to injecting CSR-1300. Acidic solutions below pH 3 and alkaline solutions above pH 10 may adversely affect foam properties. 

Safety Data Sheet